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Today I am 10DPIUI. I go Friday for blood work to see if my third and final IUI worked. I had a dream over the weekend I got a positive at home pregnancy test. I have never had a dream like that before so maybe it’s a good sign.

I am getting a little antsy and want to do some home tests now. I dont know if I can wait until Friday. My period is due Thursday. Last time I got my period before I even got the BFN (big fat negative) so I am curious to see how this plays out.

We had an amazing weekend, which distracted us from the wait. Friday night we went to a wedding and ate copious amounts of food. Saturday we took a little hike through a local trail and stopped for a beer on the way home at a local brewery. Yes, I am drinking during my TWW. I have been told my my RE that there is no harm to be done to an embryo in this early of a stage and to live life as if I were not trying to get pregnant. So back the eff up if you are feeling some type of way about this. Do some research before getting on your high horse.

Did you know that you can drink while breastfeeding too, and NOT have to dump out your supply? Go do some research on that too!

Yesterday, we hit the beach. We have quite the set up. Umbrella, chairs, cooler, wind screens, a sheet and towels. We literally create a poor mans beach house for the day. We go to what used to be a nude beach, but now you have to have something covering your holes. We both go topless, with lots of sunscreen on the nips, no one wants a burnt nipple. S has what it called a snatch patch, a tiny piece of fabric attached to what is essentially a bra wire that goes on like a thong with no strings except between the ass cheeks, is that a good visual for you?

We had a Groupon to use before it expired so we stopped off on the way home. We spent the evening relaxing at home with our furbaby Rocco.

Now, Monday is back and so is the longest wait of our lives. This one, being our last try until S can try, will be even longer.




4 thoughts on “10DPIUI

  1. I’m also 10dpiui today and the progesterone is creating havoc in my body & mind! Now decided to lock up that hormonal googling girl in my mind 😋. Did your Dr tell you to come in on Friday or Monday for blood test? You have a bit more experience than me – I’m assuming 13dpiui is OK for blood test? Don’t want to wait another weekend! 😮


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