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7DPIUI Blood Work

Woke early to do yoga, but skipped meditation this morning to get to the doc on time. Thankfully there wasn’t a long wait, and I was in and out. The bonus to this grueling process, regardless of if I get pregnant, I am a CHAMP at getting blood taken now. There was a time when I would freak out, cry, curse. It was bad. With this process, I have gotten blood taken approx 25 times in 6 months! I am not saying I love it, I can’t even watch it being done. But the scariness is gone.

I will get my results later today. They check my progesterone and estrogen to make sure the levels are good, if they aren’t, I will put be on meds to supplement. But I am confident I won’t need anything!

Next Friday I go for my pregnancy test. The last one. I am trying to see if I notice any changes in myself that might indicate I am pregnant. So far nothing, I am not tired, well I am not more tired than I normally am. Nipples aren’t any more sensitive, although the first IUI they hurt SO bad I thought for sure I was pregnant.

The first week of the TWW is easier, it’s next week that will get me. We said we wouldn’t home test last time and we broke down and did. Who knows what will happen this time??!


2 thoughts on “7DPIUI Blood Work

  1. Tomorrow I also enter my 2nd week of the TWW and I also have my blood test on Friday! I’ll be holding thumbs for both of us eek! Here’s to us staying sane, calm, not being paranoid & not overanalysing! Good luck! 😎

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