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Loooooooong Weekend – IUI

Sorry it’s been so long but I had to take advantage of every minute with S this weekend. We had our third and final insemination on Friday. So that made it a 5 day weekend for me. S isn’t working right now, she actually just took her Nclex (nursing boards exam) the day before our IUI. PS She passed, of course!

Anyway, back to the main attraction. IUI was scheduled for 10am Friday. We went and got a donut on the way at this amazing factory thats near our house. This place supplies all the donuts to the Tri State area 7-11’s ( if you’re not from around here 7-11 is a chain convenience store notorious to this area) so they are pretty damn awesome. We know now from experience that once we check in at the doc, the thawing process of the donor sperm is a little over an hour. So we checked in and went back to the car where S let me listen to country music (which she HATES) while we ate our donuts.

This time, the procedure was quite painful. I have a retroverted uterus. Which basically means it’s tilted. But that makes my cervix harder to find than Waldo AND Carmen San Diego put together! My doc always uses a special wide speculum which he says helps him find my cervix better. Well, this time it didn’t help. Even with my hips at a higher angle and the special speculum, it took him 5 minutes just to get it in place. I even had to press down on my lower abdomen to try to help get my uterus into position. After all that cranking around inside my business, it was go time. This sample left us with 10.05 million sperm and 71% motility! He introduced the catheter into my cervix and away we went. That part doesn’t hurt at all, you cannot even feel it. Well, I cant or maybe I am just so beyond pain after getting the speculum in there.

Once he was done, we laid in the room for our 15-20 minute with my legs up in the stirrups. Instead of listening to music this time, we just talked. S held my hand and stroked my hair. It was a calm experience.

Afterwards we headed to a cute town on the north shore that we both love. We hit our favorite lesbian owned eatery with food to die for. We ordered and took it down by the water to eat. We brought a blanket to lay out in the grass overlooking the docks. We sat out and watched the boats come and go while we ate our lunch.

The rest of the weekend was a BLUR. For 5 days off, it went FAST. We hit the beach, we spent time with family and we spend time ALONE. I really needed this reset. I haven’t had 5 days off in a row since our Honeymoon in Sept 2015. So it was awesome to not wake to an alarm, even though I didn’t sleep much past my normal wake up time. Damn internal clock.

The next step is blood work Friday morning at 730 to check my progesterone and estrogen levels. Then the following Friday will be the blood test to check for pregnancy. So far the TWW is flying by. Let’s hope the next 9 days go by just as fast!


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