Negative OPK’s So Far

I have been doing OPK (ovulation prediciton kits) since Monday as directed by my RE. All have been negative thus far. Which I am kind of happy about so it looks more and more like I will get a 5 day weekend and have insemination on Friday.

I take off for my inseminations so that S and I can make it as memorable and easy an experience as we can. We have to get to the office at whatever time, and then about an hour and a half to two hours later is our insemination. They always say 45 mins and it has ALWAYS been a minimum of an hour and a half.

We have also read that being aroused could help. So before we leave the house we spend some “time” together. So between travel, waiting at the docs office and getting in the right mood it is just beneficial to take the day and make it as nice as can be.

I go tomorrow am for more blood and another sonogram and most likely I will get the call that they can see my surge in bloodwork and schedule me for my insemination Friday morning.

This is our last try and I’m really hoping this is the time our dreams come true!


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