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Getting Ready For The Last IUI

CD10 yesterday revealed 3 mature follicles and a 7.5mm uterine lining. My thinnest so far on CD10 but it’s still good so I am happy. S wanted more follicles and complained that we should have done 50mg of Clomid all 5 days, but I think 3 is just fine. I don’t want multiples, she will be gone 13 hours a day, I’ll be home crying with more than one infant.

I have been drinking my red raspberry leaf tea and my daily spinach and fruit smoothie. I also take an AMAZING pre conception vitamin. If you are looking for a great vitamin, I highly suggest Theralogix Core. They also have a prenatal to switch to once you become pregnant which has the DHA in it. It is expensive, around 30 dollars for a 3 month supply. But the amount of each vitamin in each pill is more than what you will get at CVS or Costco, I compared them all. It’s even more than my sister in law’s prescription prenatal. You can google for a provider referral code if you’re RE doesn’t have one for you.

S has her Nclex on Thursday so I am hoping for Friday insemination. I also have off Monday and Tuesday for 4th of July so I would LOVE a 5 day weekend. So far all my OPKs are negative. If I don’t get a positive tomorrow, I have a 7am appt with the RE for blood work and another internal sonogram. Last time I went, they called and said my blood work showed my surge and I went the next day. I am hoping for the same this time.

I am anxious to see what this last try brings us. Will it work? Will the third time be a charm? Or will we have to wait a few years for S to try. Whatever the case, we will be ok. We have each other and we will have a family one day. Everything will happen exactly when it’s supposed to happen.


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