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So Tired!

So I sleep pretty well on the regular. I go to bed early, 930 or so and wake at 630, during the week for work. The weekend I don’t sleep much past 730 but don’t tend to stay up that much later than a weeknight. I’m an old woman what can I say.

Clomid makes me SO tired. I noticed it last month, but brushed it off. But yesterday morning and today I am waking up like I barely slept. Normally my alarm goes off and I wake up refreshed. Nope. Not happening now. My eyes barely want to open, I feel heavy and lethargic.

I wake up and do a few yoga poses and meditate for a little before I make coffee and get ready. I started this in January and do it every weekday morning and find that it helps ease myself into the day. I yawned through yoga and wanted to just go back to sleep during meditation.

I also have a headache. I woke to pee around 130am and I felt my head pounding. Thankfully, I drifted right back to sleep. I woke with a headache as well. I know it’s from the Clomid, so I deal. I try not to take medications unless absolutely necessary. I hate putting things in my body, it’s bad enough I’m taking these hormones.

I just want to go home and take a nap, but I’m stuck at work for another 6.5 hours.


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