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Clomid, We Meet Again

Started up with 50mg of Clomid again last night. I always take it before bed to try to avoid the side effects. Those of which could be headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and blurred vision among other things.  This is my third round of Clomid and I have tolerated it pretty well. I did have some bloating last time, but hey I’ll take it in comparison to the others. I do feel more tired than normal on it, but I don’t think that is a typical side effect. Could just be me.

I also had the opposite reaction to most women. Many become overwhelmed with emotion, sad or mad. I felt almost a numbness. I cry on the regular at stupid shit like a song or a movie, doesn’t matter if its happy or sad I cry for both. But while on Clomid… nothing. I even got asked to be my nieces godmother, and my sister in law and brother in law were expecting waterworks- NOTHING. They joked and said they would ask again when I wasn’t on it.

Hoping to make a nice amount of mature eggs for our final insemination next week. Monday we will find out exactly how many we are working with. First time I made 2, last time I made 3. Lets hope for 3 again this time.

I have been drinking my red raspberry lead tea every morning, not doing the pomegranate juice this time. It’s expensive and honestly, I am feeling like these old wives tales are just that. The tea I had, and isn’t that bad so it’s nothing to me to drink that instead of other tea.





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