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IUI #2 – Fail

As suspected, this IUI is a fail. I started spotting yesterday, a tell tale sign that AF is on its way but went for my blood work this morning anyway. Woke early, did my yoga and meditation, got ready for work and headed in. Blood work was quick and easy and the nurse took me into a room and I explained how my HPT’s were negative and I was spotting. She said that she would call later with results and we would go from there.

I told her I am putting things into perspective, I consider us lucky. If I cannot carry a baby, I had S to try in a few years. Many couples do not have this option. She said it was wonderful to see someone with perspective, as she deals with women all day who just cannot see past their own struggle.

The doc’s office called, but I missed it and no vm. Coincidentally S had stopped by my office to heat up lunch and eat in between review class and going to the library. We called the doc together on speaker and he said it was a negative test. Which we knew, but it still hurt because a very small part of me was like maybe there’s still a chance.

So we go back Monday to start back up again for our last cycle. For now I’ll try not to be too hard on myself and lean on S for some support this weekend. I know this is just as hard on her as it is me. I am so lucky to have her by my side, and I know with her I can get through anything.



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