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We Broke Down And Tested

Last cycle, we started testing 10dpiui and every time we didn’t see a line, it was heartbreaking. We told ourselves we wouldn’t home test next time. Well, we made it to 11dpiui and tested. Negative. I had a feeling this time didn’t work, all my PMS symptoms are there. I have read though that PMS and pregnancy symptoms are basically the same (thanks mother nature for that confusion) so I tried to just brush it off.

I got home from work and sat down on the couch to join S, where she was studying for her NCLEX (nursing boards exam) and we were both saying how we can’t wait until Friday. She mentioned how we could just take a test, and how it would be so much more fun to see a line than get a voicemail. I didn’t argue and said, we can if you want, and she gave me a smile. It didn’t take much convincing on either of our parts to take a test. So I peed in a cup and S took our testing stick and dipped it. We left it for its 5 minutes and checked… Nothing. A little disappointing but we kissed and hugged each other and told the other, it’s still early.

We aren’t giving up hope yet, as blood work is the true test. Many HPT (home pregnancy tests) don’t work or aren’t as sensitive as blood. But it is a little bit of a blow to your hopes and dreams of this time it turning out positive.

Will we test again tonight? Who knows, that will be decided later when I get home from work!


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