fertility · Lesbian moms · Two Week Wait

5 Days Left!

By Friday afternoon, we will know if our second IUI was a success or not. I had my 7dpiui testing this past Friday and my Progesterone was 34 (doc wanted to see it higher than 10) and my Estrogen was 342 (doc wanted higher than 100) so this was great news. I googled for 20 mins to see if I could find any info saying these numbers indicated anything, but no, it means nothing except that they are exactly where they should be at this point in my cycle. So no suppositories or pills necessary, which is awesome!

Our weekend was awesome, Saturday our Fertility Clinic offered a stress management seminar. S and I attended, after a little push back from S because it was the first beach worthy day. We are so glad we went. It was a small group of us, another couple and a woman by herself along with the therapist they use for their fertility consults ( side note: if you are planning on going through any kind of fertility treatment and will be using donor sperm or eggs, be prepared to be required to have at least one session with a therapist, some clinics require all patients to be seen by a therapist at least once regardless of using a donor)

It was a cross between group therapy, yoga and a meditation class. There was a lot of questions posed to us and we went around in a circle. The therapist guided us through a few helpful meditations and breathing exercises as well as some chair yoga we can do at work when stressed. ‘

I suffer from anxiety, even prior to this process which puts you through the ringer. So I found these tips very helpful and felt like a million bucks afterwards. S and I went to lunch and since it was gorgeous, we ate outside. I had a crisp sangria, again my doc said to live life like nothing is going on so yeah I had A drink and that’s ok! Sunday was Long Island Pride. S and I, as well as a group of friends attended and had a gay ole time, pun INTENDED!

So the weekend flew by without leaving much time to think, ” Am I pregnant or not” only for a brief time Sunday night did I allow a passing thought of ” This didn’t work” when I realized how sore my boobs were and S pointed out that this is how they always are a few days before my period shows up. We frowned for a second and pushed the thought away and went to binge watch some Orange Is The New Black.



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