fertility · Two Week Wait

TWW in full effect

Today I am 3dpiui (3 days past iui) and I am trying not to be anxious. S and I spent the last 3 days together and had an amazing weekend. Last try, we decided to do thing each day that was “special” during the TWW (two week wait) to pass time. 14 days is a lot of special things and after spending 2k each try, it can get expensive. Our special things don’t necessarily cost money. Last time we had lunch at a favorite restaurant, S gave me a pedicure one day, she gave me a full body massage another, we rented a movie from Redbox (something we don’t normally do) we went down by the water and just talked. It’s more of dedicating time to spend with each other during the wait that is the point, at least in my eyes. This who process is so stressful, I think it’s important to make time to be with each other without technology or other people.

This past Saturday it was nice, so we decided to head to Brooklyn and walk the BK bridge into the city, Something we always wanted to do. What better time than now right? So I am driving and S is being the co-pilot. I miss a turn and we end up driving INTO the city and now we are on the lower east side trying to get back to Brooklyn. After both having a bit of an attitude with the other, her being mad at me for missing my turn and me being mad at her for snapping at me. We kiss and make up, for the record everyone hates us bc we move on past a disagreement in minutes. Life is to short to be angry with the one you love. Once we were back in Brooklyn we park and head over the bride. Now we remember why we don’t do “touristy” things. The bridge was packed with out of towners with selfie sticks who would just stop walking to take pics. After ruining several peoples pictures by continuing to walk, we made it to the city (Manhattan if you’re not from around here).

We head through Chinatown to find some hand pulled noodles S had seen on Food Network. Surprised, Yelp says they are closed Saturdays. So we find an alternative. We head there and realize they don’t have a bathroom and S has to go to the bathroom so we decided to hit Dougnut Plant first. I may have mentioned, I have a donut obsession. Well. No bathroom there, so we hit a bar next door and get a drink to share so she can pee. NYC problems, you can’t use a bathroom without buying something, FYI. If you’re going to give me grief for sharing a drink with my wife during my TWW, keep it moving. My RE said to live life like nothing has happened. So that’s just what I did. We make our way back to this place that has the best dumplings in Chinatown, 8 of them for $3. Hot damn they were the best fucking dumplings ever! We skip the noodles, because they are in soup and that’s not what S’s mind was set on. We travel to another noodle spot, order up a spicy dish and share. On our way back to the bridge to walk back to BK, we pass the original spot S wanted to go and low and behold they are open. I can feel the daggers as I turn my head and make eye contact with her. Needless to say we will be heading back there soon to try this place.

On Sunday we baked all things banana after finding a huge pack of bananas on quick sale. Chocolate Banana bread and Banana Pecan Crumb Muffins. We spent the day cuddled up on the couch binge watching Grey’s Anatomy. Perfect relaxing ending to our weekend!

That brings me to today, Monday, back to work. Had to leave S sleeping in bed and just wanted to stay there forever. The days we spend apart are harder than when we are together. Counting down the hours until I am home in her arms!


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